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Snitch Software    
  • Detect Adult material / Pornography on your computer
  • Find Images and Movies and sort them by obscenity
  • Check Internet History for inappropriate internet usage
  • Scan for files that have been Renamed to hide their file type and open them in their native format
  • Seek out and display files with Obscene Filenames using a database of preset keywords
  • Perform a Custom Search for user-defined file types, dates, etc.
  • Search for many other signs of Suspicious and Illegal activity
  • Interactively Delete offending items including files and internet cache data
  • Interactively generate a Report of results
  • ...And more!

  • Detect adult material and pornography on your computer using Snitch Software!
    Snitch screenshot displaying images from search results

    Reasons for detecting adult material

    Snitch is a revolutionary new software tool designed to detect the presence of adult material and other inappropriate activity on a Windows based computer system.

    Snitch contains a suite of special algorithms to quickly sweep your hard drive and locate files and activity logs of a suspicious nature and present them for review.

    Scan your hard drive for inappropriate movies and imagesSkinscan example

    Snitch's unique SkinScan™ algorithm accurately detects adult images by assessment of skin-tone levels and distribution, and other key indicators.

    Using this method, Snitch can quickly locate images containing nudity and obscenity.

    Companies and Educational Institutions...
    You are liable for the material that is on your computer! Are you sure your hard drive is as clean as you think? Do you really know what your kids are downloading or getting from the other kids? FIND OUT WITH SNITCH!

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